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Copmanthorpe Primary School


Virtual Art Exhibition 2020 (221 images)

Throughout the partial closure and in spite of the challenging circumstances they have found themselves in, the children of Copmanthrope Primary School have continued to produce an amazing array of artwork from our many weekly Art Challenges. The accumulation of this positivity and creativity has been seen in the last two weeks during in our Virtual Arts Fortnight. We are extremely proud to present all the outstanding artwork that the children have produced both in school and at home. Well done to all the children that have submitted work and a huge thanks to all the parents, carers, siblings, grandparents, teachers and TAs who have supported our wonderful students. We are all so proud of them. At Copmanthorpe School, we believe that learning about art and how to be creative are integral to a child's holistic development and mental health; enabling young people to express and understand themselves and the wider world around them. Art also gives children an opportunity to achieve and be proud, to learn new skills and to have fun. This is not our usual community art exhibition but we hope that you enjoy it just as much, from the comfort of your home. Keep a look out, around the village, for any 'Faces' artwork exhibited in pupil's windows. Enjoy!

4L Stone Age Homework (19 images)

4L Stone Age Workshop (19 images)

4L enjoyed learning how to survive the Stone Age!

6L Science Project (16 images)

Class 6L have been working hard all week using their scientific skills to answer questions and solve problems. Here are some photos of the children working in our outdoor area, looking to see how we know what's alive.

Year 4 Village Exhibition (13 images)

Year 4 were lucky enough to be able to visit the Copmanthorpe Art Exhibition in the Methodist Church. The children really enjoyed looking at what people in the village had created and even wanted to take some home!

Art Exhibition (20 images)

The children's wonderful art, shown at our Art Exhibition and Open Evening on Wednesday 22nd June!

Year 6 Art (10 images)

The children spent an enjoyable week helping the very talented Mr Kerwin with our new art work for the corridors and improving their sewing skills.

The Bagshaw Museum (15 images)

Class 7 had a wonderful time at the Bagshaw Museum learning more about Ancient Egypt.

Year 6 Plant Sale (13 images)

Thank you for supporting our Year 6s with their Plant Sale.

Year 2's Great Bread Bake Off! (17 images)

On Friday 13th May, Year 2 had a great day creating some wonderful bread rolls with their own special added ingredients. Many thanks to all the parents who helped during the day with the dough making/kneading process, baking and finally the all important tasting!

Class 8 Woodland Adventure (17 images)

Class 8 had an exciting Stone Age morning with Adam Dove from the Woodland Adventure Company. We made and threw spears, filtered water, foraged and toasted marshmallows and popcorn on an open fire.

Class 7 Woodland Adventure (18 images)

We had great Stone Age afternoon with Adam Dove from the Woodland Adventure Company. We made and threw spears, filtered water, foraged and toasted marshmallows and popcorn on an open fire.

Roots to Food (20 images)

Darren from 'Roots to Food' came to challenge the Year 3 and 4 children to a healthy food cook-off!

Year 6 - Indian Printing (15 images)

Class 13 enjoyed making aboriginal designs using Indian Printing.

Dinosaurs at the Yorkshire Museum (15 images)

We had fun exploring the past and finding out about dinosaurs at the museum. We got to be palaeontologists discovering fossils!

Santa's Christmas Circus Extravaganza! (19 images)

Years 3 and 4 Christmas Production

Y1 Bear Day! (13 images)

Our bears have had a very busy day at school! We've been writing about our bears using describing words and measuring how tall our bears are on a special bear paw height chart! They also helped us with our activities in the provision areas!

Year 4 Hockey (5 images)

Tournament at York High on 26.11.15

Children in Need 2015 (2 images)

Year 4 Romans (35 images)

This term we have been busy building Roman roads and temples, and enjoying a Roman banquet! We have also learnt about Pompeii and made our own erupting volcanoes!

Y1 Bug Day (10 images)

Have a look at our 'bugtastic' costumes!

In the Garden - Year 1 (12 images)

We have been learning all about gardens, what you find in them and having a go creating our own! We have been planting bulbs and plants, making bug hotels and exploring herbs in our Garden Kitchens!

Sport in 2015 (3 images)

Here are some of the activities we have been involved in this year...

Year 1&6 Buddying (8 images)

The Year1 children worked with their Year 6 buddy to create an Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture. Here are some of our amazing sculptures...

Animals In-Tuition (15 images)

Year 3 visit from a rainforest animal handler.

Tour de Copmanthorpe (6 images)

Year 1 had a fantastic day of cycling and scooting fun! Thank you Year 6! Do you like our bicycle and York themed playground art that decorated the course?

Year 2 visit to Flamingoland Zoo (64 images)

We had a fabulous spring day for our trip out, we all enjoyed the sunshine and so did the animals!

Year 1 Stick Houses (12 images)

We had so much fun building stick houses for one of the Three Little Pigs in the copse. We had to work together in pairs or teams and we had some ingenious ideas! Take a look!

Year 3 Pirate Day (8 images)

Year 3 Pirate Day

Class 5's Dinosaur Land (11 images)

Over the last 2 weeks we have been making model dinosaurs. We sculpted them from clay, sealed them with glue and then painted them with lots of detail using acrylic paints. We think they look fab, but be careful, some of them are pretty deadly!

Year 3 National Railway Museum Visit (25 images)

Year 3 National Railway Museum Visit

Year 1 Explorer's Day (21 images)

We've had a great day pretending to be Polar explorers. We melted icebergs, built igloos and enjoyed wintery art activities in the morning. In the afternoon, we set off on an expedition that took us to the Arctic and Antarctic in search of Polar animals!

Year 3 and 4 America Day (19 images)

To fit in with our topic, Year 3 and 4 held an America Day on the day of Thanksgiving. We took part in lots of different activities.

Year 3 and 4 Vikings (18 images)

Viking Museum

Year 2 Aliens and their Underpants! (27 images)

Class 5 have designed their own aliens and underpants. Can you tell which alien is which? Some of those cheeky aliens are wearing their pants on their heads!

Year 4 Vikings (2 images)

Year 4 Viking work during Autumn Term 1

Viking Day (15 images)

Year 3 Viking Day

Year 1 Superhero Day (21 images)

Meet the Superheroes!

Year 5&6 Volcanoes (10 images)

We have created exploding volcanoes as part of our Mountains Topic. Such fun!

Year 1 Meet the Creatures (9 images)

We had a lovely time with the rainforest creatures. Thank you for your contributions that made it possible.

Year 2 - Dalby Forest (9 images)

At Dalby Forest, we built shelters using forest materials, trying to make warm and dry spaces. Everyone did brilliantly!

Y5&6 World Cup Party (13 images)

To celebrate the World Cup. the Year 5 and 6 children had a multi-cultural party!

Year 3 Ancient Egyptians (22 images)

Independent Learning Challenges and a visit to The Bagshaw Museum

General Gallery (5 images)