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Copmanthorpe Primary School

Welcome to Year 3

Whilst school is closed to most children, we will be using this page to share activities and suggestions to help parents support their child's learning at home.

We will be adding more guidance in two weeks time.


Latest: added 3.4.20

Here are some ideas of fun learning activities to have a go at over the Easter period. You do not have to do all of the activities, but we're hoping that some of the ideas will appeal to you and your children at this tricky time. Click below to view the document.

Easter Home Learning


There are also lots of fabulous ideas of things to do using the White Rose Maths scheme, that we currently use in school. They are providing activities based on the curriculum, with progression and challenges. Again, click on the link below to log on. The current topic is fractions, which is what we would be covering now.

White Rose online Maths challenge


As mentioned in the latest Newsletter, we would like you to take part in our art Challenge.See the poster using the link below for more details.

Art Challenge


We have found some useful tasks that are free for you to use online at Twinkl. They have organised the different tasks into a daily timetable, but please don't feel you have to complete everything, but there may be some things here that may help you in these unusual times.

Anyone can register, and these resources are free to use. You don’t have to print things, they can use their Yellow book to record their work. If you need more paper or books or even pencils, let school know and we’ll get some left at the entrance for you.

More Information for Twinkl Homeschooling tasks

We Need You!


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In their planners, the children have logins for TTRS, PurpleMash and Spelling Shed. There is also currently free access on NumberFun for parents and children. Spellings that have come home are linked with Spelling shed so you can keep a track on their progress.

We do not expect children to spend a lot of time working through the various activities; these are merely a suggestion and children can choose the tasks they complete and would ideally work in short bursts. We understand that this will be an extremely challenging time for everyone, many people will be juggling their time between work and caring for others, so the priority is to stay safe, healthy and active.


Please see this help sheet on keeping children safe online: Click here.

Keep safe,

The Year 3 Team.


Daily Live lessons

There looks like there is going to be some high quality regular live lessons being offered by various experts. Here are few you might be interested in.

Joe Wicks - Daily Kids workout - 9am daily

Jane Considine - Daily Writing lesson - 9:45 daily (and throughout the day)

NEW White Rose Maths Party - 10am daily

Steve Backshall - Geography, animals, biology theme - 9am Wednesdays (no link as of yet, search for him on YouTube/twitter for more details) 

Supporting Info and Website Links

Cross Curricular






Science, Computing and STEM



Year 3 reading book wish list 1

Year 3 reading book wish list 2




Science:  Humans - nutrition, how our muscles and skeleton works,

Plants - what they need to grow, parts of a plant, parts of a flower

Topic: Stone Age

Computing: Keyboard skills, Coding