Copmanthorpe Primary School

Copmanthorpe Primary School

Welcome to Year 2

We are really looking forward to settling the new Year 2 children back into school and from what we have seen so far they are doing fantastically.

This page will give you some brief information about Year 2. Any information shared on here may be subject to change as we navigate the new restrictions and adapt to the new normal.

Obviously things will be a little different at school for the time being and if you have any questions or would just like to speak to a member of the Year 2 team about another matter then please contact to school office (via phone or email). Alternatively, leave a message on the table near the classroom door in the morning and we will gladly call you back later in the day. We are extremely keen to keep an open and supportive dialogue between home and school despite the Covid restrictions.

As usual, any urgent information will generally be sent out via the school app or email.

As the new year begins, we will continue to embed our behaviour policy; Ready, Respectful and Safe (RRS) with the additional new Covid rules.

We will also be reinforcing good learning attitudes with the help of the Copmanthorpe Learning Buddies: Resilient Snail, Resourceful Squirrel, Reciprocal Bee and Reflective Owl. (RRRR)

Year 2 Staff

2G Teacher – Miss Green

2B Teacher – Mr Bie

Mrs Smith and Mr Simms will be covering the teachers' PPA (planning, preparation and assessment time) on Tuesday afternoons.

TAs – Mrs Quick, Mrs Rudd, Mrs Patrick, Miss Loseby and Mrs Mead


General Information


  • Please ensure that your child’s uniform, coat, pack up and water bottle are clearly labelled. We will not be able to hold onto lost property anymore and children will not be able to wander the school to look for lost items so if it is not named we won't be able to return it to the correct child. They do not require any other items to be brought into school unless otherwise agreed.
  • Children will be given two banded reading books a week to take home. More information as to when in the week these will be given out and also when they need to be returned will be sent out with your child’s first book.
  • Reading diaries will not be used currently.
  • Named water bottles should be in school daily and must be taken home every day for washing.
  • Bookbags are encouraged instead of rucksacks due to limited storage space.
  • PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon so children are to come into school in their full PE kit on this day only. Please make sure that they have on suitable PE kit for the weather as we will usually be outside. Please also ensure that long hair is tied up and earrings are either removed or covered up on P.E. days as we will not be able to help children with this as we usually would have.
  • Forest Schools kits will be required in school everyday including wellies. Please ensure that the kit is named.
  • In regard to home learning, we are trying to limit the amount of items passing between school and home so are setting up new systems for homework. We will be in touch about these routines soon but it is likely to be daily reading, a weekly spelling and times table homework and then a termly topic menu to select from.
  • Please note we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL, so children cannot bring any nut products to school in their packed lunches. We appreciate your co-operation with this. 
  • Snacks must be healthy and they can not share any of their food or snacks with any other children. 

The Curriculum for Autumn 1

Initially our curriculum will have a theme of well-being; making sure that the children are happy and settled back into school. The texts we will be using in English will reflect this and there will be lots of time for team building and reflection. We will then continue with our broad curriculum covering a range of subject and skill areas at mostly the Year 2 level. We will continually assess and review which aspects of the curriculum we need to revisit from Year 1 in order to fill any gaps in learning that the children may have.  

Our termly whole school topic is ‘People, Places and Perseverance’ which during Autumn 1 will focus on well-being. The texts that we are covering are ‘The Worrysaurus’, ‘In My Heart: A Book of Feelings’, ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

Click here to see the guidance on how to keep your child safe when online.

Click on this for numberfun. This is a maths resource which offers free resources and support for parents in the form of videos to show how we teach maths in school.

Click on this link for Oxford Owl story resources. This includes free downloadable books for each colour banding matching our guided reading scheme

Click on this link for PE resources. This is a free resource by Joe Wickes, encouraging children to do 30 minutes of exercise each day.

There are a few other web sites with maths games you could look at:

  End of Year Expectations

Please use the link to access the word mat the children use in school to support spelling:

Y1 and 2 common exception words.doc

End of Year Teacher Assessment Criteria