Copmanthorpe Primary School

Copmanthorpe Primary School


Welcome to Year 4

"If you have a dream, I say go for it.  Just believe and work hard.  Just remember that it takes time.” - Britney Spears.

Weekly Update

Feeling hot, hot, hot!  Who knows how long this lovely weather will last - but whilst it does, please ensure your child is suncreamed up before coming to school, and is sent in with a named water bottle and a sunhat.  

Letters for the Bagshaw Museum and Bradford Mosque trip have been sent out, please check your child's bag if you are yet to receive it!

Ms L is in need of 40 pringles tubes for an art project.  If you have any spare, please send them my way.  I don't encourage unhealthy eating... but desperate times.

Home Learning

Spellings (sent home on a Monday, to be back in school on Friday)

This week the children have been looking at the prefix 'anti-'.  Their spellings for this week can be found here.

On 'spelling day' in school, children have the opportunity to use resources such as word banks to help them.  In English lessons, children are always encouraged to use word mats or dictionaries to help them with their spellings and so this is also acceptable within a spelling test.  

Click here for the statutory Year 3 & 4 Spellings 

SMIRFS (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts)

Instant recall is one of the most important parts of learning mathematics.  It gives children a bank of knowledge from which they can draw to help them when working with maths in a range of situations.  Your child will be bringing home a copy of their current target sheet for them to be supported at home.  

They will then have a fortnightly opportunity to be tested in school to show what progress they are making against their targets.  

Please ensure that your child brings their book into school with them on their test week.

Times Table Rockstars

When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.

Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables!

To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!  

Your child has completed their baseline test and now has their own login and password.  We really encourage children to play at home as often as possible to see the most improvements.  


  • Children take part in whole class guided reading sessions three times a week.
  • We endeavour to read one-on-one with your child at least once a week.
  • Please continue to try to read with your child and/or talk to them about their reading at least three times a week. On top of prediction and summarising, other skills we’ll cover will include looking at structure (headings, sub-headings, captions, introductions and conclusions) as well as spotting past and present tense and formal and less formal language in non-fiction books.
  • Please use the home learning diaries as a means of tracking what your child is reading.  We are encouraging children to be independent learners by completing this themselves on the days where they may not read with an adult.

More on home learning

General Information 


  • Ms Lees teaches 4L and Mr Palmer teaches 4P
  • Mrs Harvey will be working in both classes each morning
  • Mrs Scott teaches 4P on Wednesday mornings
  • Mr Simms and Mrs Scott teach both classes on Wednesday afternoons
  • Miss Roach will be in 4L on a Tuesday during the summer term

 Dates for your diary

  • Thursday 24th May: Class trip to Bradford Mosque
  • Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June: Half term
  • W/B Monday 4th June: Multifaith Arts' Week 
  • Wednesday 20th June: Whole school art exhibition
  • Thursday 21st June: Class trip to Bagshaw Museum

Topics for the Summer Term 1

  • Science: What's the Matter?
  • Topic: Ancient Egyptians
  • Art: Hieroglyphs, tomb pictures, papyrus
  • Computing: Programming
  • DT: Sarcophagus, canopic jars, mummies
  • French: Going shopping
  • Music: The Beatles
  • PE: Athletics and Kwik Cricket (Wednesday & Fridays, though please keep kit in all week to allow flexibility)
  • RE: Why do some people think that life is a journey?

Important Information

Please note we are now a NUT FREE SCHOOL, so children cannot bring any nut products to school in their packed lunches. We appreciate your co-operation with this.  

  • Please ensure that your child’s uniform, coat, pack up and water bottle are clearly labelled. We still have a formidable amount of lost property every term!
  • Reading books and Home School Diaries should be taken home daily. We can then ensure that children get the satisfaction of sticking with a book and finishing it.  We’re happy to give suggestions if it’s tricky to find a book which ‘grabs’ your child.
  • Named water bottles should be in school daily and either taken home every night or at the end of the week.
  • PE is taught twice a week, usually a Wednesday and Friday.  However, to allow flexibility, it would still be useful if P.E. kits could be kept in school all week.  If your child needs to be excused from PE, please send them with a note to avoid confusion.

We are very keen to maintain open communication and a partnership with you. If there is anything you would like to talk to us about please catch us before or after school or make an appointment in advance.

Ms Lees & Mr Palmer