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Copmanthorpe Primary School

Welcome to Year 2

Please find below some information about Year 

Welcome to Year 2!

Thank you to those who have sent in costumes for the Christmas play.  Our dress rehearsal to the rest of the school will be on Tuesday this week.  Our main performances are on Thursday and Friday.

There will be no Forest Schools this Friday as we have been invited to watch the Y5/6 Christmas Play.

Don't forget Christmas jumper day this Friday!


 wc 11th December

This will be a busy week in school with final practices and performances of our Christmas Play 'Wriggly Nativity'.  We hope you enjoy it!

Classrooms: you may have noticed we are trialling a new arrangement of tables in the year 2 classes.  After consultation with the children we are having a go at tables in rows with table partners/buddies.  We can, of course, move the tables back into groups when needed.

In English we continue our whole school 'Talk for Writing' Unit linked to the Christmas Elves.  After innovating the text last week by writing instructions for 'How to Catch a Christmas Fairy', this week it is the 'invent' week.  The children will have a chance to create and write their own set of instructions for how to catch something else.

In spelling and phonics we will revise the spelling patterns we have looked at for words ending -y and what happens when different suffixes are added.

On Friday we will check spellings with sentence dictation.  We won't give spelling homework out on Friday as we feel the children have enough on with all the Christmas excitement.  We will send home guided reading books this week. 

 In Maths we continue multiplication and then we hope to introduce division at the end of the week.  For division we start by using the vocabulary 'shared into groups of' or 'divided into groups of'.    E.g. 25÷ 5 = ?   " What is 25 shared into groups of 5? How many groups of 5 are there in 25?"

 The children will apply their multiplication work to times tables facts: this is a great game you can try (also good for practising halves/doubles facts).

Choose 'Times Tables'.  Then start with 'Table up to 10' 'x10'.  The children can move on to 'x12' and try 'x5', 'x2'.



There are a few web sites with maths games you could look at:


Letters and Forms



Mrs. Balding teaches in 2B and Mrs. Flatters in 2F, with teaching assistants Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Smith.  On Tuesday afternoons Mrs. Cartwright and Mr. Simms teach the Year 2 classes.  Mrs. Nicholson teaches in 2F on Wednesdays (and every other Friday).


Children will take part in guided reading activities every day in school, with at least two adult-led sessions a week.  Each week your child will bring home a guided reading book and a choice book (these are levelled books which the children choose themselves).  Please use the reading diary to let us know how your child is getting on at home.

Home-Learning Tasks

In addition to reading we will send home tasks which support our work in English and Maths or Topic.  We will send home spelling homework each week.

Please use the link to access the word mat the children use in school to support spelling:

Y1 and 2 common exception words.doc

 PE and Forest Schools

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.  We plan to get outside as much as possible for PE so please could you send in a pair of outside PE shoes/trainers  if you haven’t already.  As the weather gets colder you may also wish to send in jogging bottoms and an extra jumper.

Forest Schools will take place on Friday afternoons, once a fortnight.

Everyday Items

Please bring in bookbags, a water bottle and coat every day.  We will send home book bags each evening.  Children do not need to bring a pencil case, however they may be brought in and can be used for some afternoon activities (and need to be small enough to fit in drawers!).

Medicines and Illness

Please ask at the office if you have any queries regarding medicines or need to update your child’s healthcare plan.  Please remember to leave 48 hours clear of sickness/diarrhoea before returning to school.


As we don't check bookbags, please let your child know if there is a letter or slip that they need to hand to their teacher in the morning.  Thank you.

As always, if you have any queries or concerns please come and talk to us, or send in a note or email to the office.  

                                   Many thanks,

                                             The Year Two Team